These works started from “Furusato”, which means hometown. The members of “Shonan no Utage” thankfully commissioned me.

In 2011, the East Japan earthquake happened, and I thought we started to think about losing something. We might lose something suddenly, it just happens, it’s helpless. Sometimes, it might be your hometown, your families, and beloved ones. I once heard somebody say, in areas attacked by disasters, people drop tears when they hear “Furusato”.

I think, this song makes us remember our childhood and old memories. Even if the hometown is lost, if there is the song, you can feel that “Furusato” is still alive inside of us. Wherever you are, how far separated, no matter how long ago it was, we’ll find a beautiful spirit.

I want to write a new song cycle putting together pieces like “Furusato” from all over the world.

“Beloved songs of the world” could be the bond of heart to heart over languages, over sea, over races, someday, we could sing together with you.

I hope that these pieces bring us together, learn about each other, show peaceful feelings around the world.

Dear everyone I met, I can still remember how beautiful when you were singing.

Thank you very much in all languages.

November 2019 Kaori MORITA

ISBN 9784866041339
Format A4 36page
Price 1,400 JPY
Composer Arranger 森田 花央里
Author of the text Text arranger
Type of ChoirMixed Chorus Tonality
Number of Voice Parts4 VoicingSATB div.
Language 1 Language 2
Accompaniment Piano Duration7'50"
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