This is a suite for female chorus which collected 5 songs from 7 parts of Ayako SUZUKI’s poetry, “After the Cancer Notification.” She was a priest’s wife. (1941~1988)The texts are selected with words that have positive thinking and the music has written simply with 2 parts chorus. Composer’s speciality is the beautiful melodies and those are strongly connected with

poet’s texts that can feel the maternal. Also the piano decorates those texts gorgeously as well. Suitable for mother’s chorus repertoire, since songs gently show the way of how people suppose to live their lives.

ISBN 9784866041209
Format A4 36page
Price 1,400 JPY
Composer KITAGAWA, Noboru → Profile
Author of the text SUZUKI, Ayako
Text arranger
Type of ChoirFemale Chorus Tonality
Number of Voice Parts2 VoicingSA
Language 1Japanese Language 2Roman
Accompaniment Piano Duration12'40"
Song details