Deep impressions created by a musical score. It is our wish to deliver the composer’s will embedded in the song through “a score” to everyone.

Female Chorus

Gunjo (Azure) [SMA]

Music by ODA, Miki  Words by 2012-2013 school year graduate students of Odaka Junior High School, Minami Souma, Fukushima  Arranged by NOBUNAGA, Takatomi 

Flowers Will Bloom (Hana wa Saku)

Music by KANNO, Yoko  Words by Iwai, Shunji  Arranged by MIYAKE, Yuta 

Lights for SSA Chorus and Piano (Hikari)

Music by MATSUSHITA, Ko  Words by SETO, Saori 

The Power of Song (Uta no Chikara) for Children’s Chorus

Music by CHIHARA, Hideki  Words by IWAHASHI, Nobutada 

A Journey of Life for SA Chorus and Piano (Inochi no Tabi)

Music by KITAGAWA, Noboru  Words by SUZUKI, Ayako 

A Freedom Song for SSA Chorus and Piano

Music by MORIYAMA, Noritaka  Words by TAGORE, Rabindranath 

Ueber den Bergen for SSA Chorus a cappella (Yama no Anata)

Music by UEDA, Maki  Words by BUSSE, Carl  Arranged by UEDA, Bin 

Snow for SSAA Chorus a cappella (Yuki)

Music by YAMASHITA, Yuka  Words by YAMAMURA, Bocho 

Wild Nights – Wild Nights! for Female Chorus a cappella

Music by MATSUMOTO, Nozomi  Words by DICKINSON, Emily 

A Mountain Path in the Morning for SSA Chorus (Asa no Yamamichi)

Music by MEIDA, Ayako  Words by SAKURAMA, Chuyo 

Flowers We Will Be Suite for Equal Voices Chorus and Piano (Watashitachi wa Hana to Nari)

This is commissioned work of the Little Singers of TAKARAZUK A and Yo MINE, who has close relationship with the choir. Yo MINE has written 2 compilations from his poems and Miho KAS AHARA, a conductor of the choir, wrote another 2 compilation s, so that the total of 4 songs are made into a suite with p iano accompaniment.Born during within both before and after the disaster of Great East Japan Earthquake by 2 poets and a composer. All 4 songs have a message to children who are li ving towards the future. We hope these songs that are compos ed for the children around the world will be …

Music by MATSUSHITA, Ko 

Since you are there for SSA Chorus and Piano

Music by NAKANISHI, Akane  Words by KURIHARA, Hiroshi 

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