Deep impressions created by a musical score. It is our wish to deliver the composer’s will embedded in the song through “a score” to everyone.

Mixed Chorus

Under the Sea for SATB a cappella

Music by CHOI, Juyoung  Words by SHERRICK, Fannie Isabelle 

A Shadow for SATB Chorus a cappella (Kageboshi)

Music by SUZUKI, Teruaki  Words by TANIKAWA, Shuntaro 

A Far Neighbor for SATB Chorus a cappella (Haruka na Tonari)

Music by OMOKAWA, Norikazu  Words by WAGO, Ryoichi 

I Am a Song for Mixed Chorus (Boku wa Uta)

Music by NOBUNAGA, Takatomi  Words by EMURA, Miki 

Flower & Canvas of the Sky for mixed chorus (Hana Sora no Kyanbasu)

Music by SUTO, Satoshi  Words by OKAKURA, Kenji 

The Pilgrim Soul for Mixed Choir

Music by ANDRONE-NAKANISHI, Sebastian  Words by YEATS, William Butler 

Everything in this World (Kono Sekai no Zembu) for SATB Chorus a cappella

Music by MORIYAMA, Noritaka  Words by IKEZAWA, Natsuki 

Happy Birthday to You Arranged by 10 composers

Music by HILL, Mildred J. & Hill, Patty S.  Words by HILL, Mildred J. & Hill, Patty S.  Arranged by UOJI, Kyoko  Arranged by MATSUNAMI, Chieko  Arranged by MORITA, Kaori  Arranged by AIZAWA, Naoto  Arranged by ISHIWAKA, Masaya  Arranged by OMOKAWA, Norikazu  Arranged by KITAGAWA, Noboru  Arranged by TANAKA, Tatsuya  Arranged by TSUCHIDA, Toyotaka  Arranged by MORIYAMA, Noritaka 

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