This song was born as a result of the friendship between the composer Ko MATSUSHITA and Reiko ITO who wrote the poem. "Here Now" was accepted very well and later offered to the "Sing for Japan", a campaign in the United States to make donations for the victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake 2011. When people sing the song, they can feel air, wind and light, while cherishing the pure friendship's meaning in life.

ISBN 9784905281917
Format A4 8page
Price 400 JPY
Composer MATSUSHITA, Ko → Profile
Author of the text ITO, Reiko
Text arranger
Type of ChoirMale Chorus Tonality
Number of Voice Parts4 VoicingTTBB
Language 1Japanese Language 2Romanized
Accompaniment A Cappella Duration2'55"
Song details