This is a compulsory piece at the 1st Tokyo International Choir Competition 2018 [Category D: Chamber Choir]. The most famous Basho MATSUO's haiku, "Shizukasa ya iwa ni shimiiru semi no koe" is made into English lyrics by Donald Keene, Japanese literary man, who was born in America and composed by Takatomi NOBUNAGA. Mixed 4 parts chorus and equal voice version are included.

ISBN 9784866040738
Format A4 8page
Price 500 JPY
Composer NOBUNAGA, Takatomi → Profile
Author of the text MATSUO, Basyo
Text arranger KEENE, Donald
Type of ChoirMixed Chorus Tonality
Number of Voice Parts4 VoicingSATB div., SSAA or TTBB div. (混載)
Language 1English Language 2
Accompaniment A Cappella Duration4'20"
Song details