This is the mixed chorus song collection that contains 7 son gs including “A Song”,Tokyo International Choral Competiti on compulsory piece, which has written with both Japanese an d English in poetry of Shuntaro TANIKAWA’s “minimal” and the English part is used as the lyrics. Utilizing the rhythm and accents of uniqueness of English, and every songs have melodies, rhythms, and harmonies which had never been born w ithout using Japanese poetry. As the composer says, "The dis tance between English and I has made it possible", you can f eel the new aspects of new works from this collection.

ISBN 9784866040899
Format A4 36page
Price 1,760 JPY
Composer NIIMI, Tokuhide → Profile
Author of the text TANIKAWA, Shuntaro
Text arranger ELLIOTT, William I&KAWAMURA, Kazuo
Type of ChoirMixed Chorus Tonality
Number of Voice Parts VoicingSATB div.
Language 1English Language 2
Accompaniment A Cappella Duration18'00"
Song details