Without being conscious about the language barrier, worldwide work that many people can sing around the world has appeared. This is commissioned by Willow Choir. This song is made aiming at the sound ranges and effects, which are influenced by Veljo Tormis. As a result, “Could have composed imagining this work like a movie.” so the songs were born which can feel the story and fantastic music. In the lyrics page, accents are indicated. With those accents or without those accents, devising the color of sounds and there are hidden hints of how to express the words dimensionally without languages. It also has devised phonetics in katakana and Roman alphabet, so you will not lose the way to read them. This is very mysterious work, however please try to solve the mystery with fun.

ISBN 9784866040943
Format A4 24page
Price 990 JPY
Composer YAMASHITA, Yuka → Profile
Author of the text Ironim IKUZANIM
Text arranger
Type of ChoirMixed Chorus Tonality
Number of Voice Parts8 VoicingSSAATTBB
Language 1 Language 2
Accompaniment A Cappella Duration7'30"
Song details