This is a work by young and popular composer, Noritaka MORIYAMA, screaming about the madness of unreasonable injustice of the world which is difficult to imagine from the title.Texts are from Japanese translation of American novelist, Jack KEROUAC,and the composer expressed the music with the styles such as Jazz and Blues because he was inspired by those words that were commonly used in the texts.It takes the both singers and listeners to the exciting world with piano sound which moves freely and chorus parts that sometimes hit their emotions intensely and sometimes languorously.

ISBN 9784866041131
Format A4 52page
Price 2,090 JPY
Composer MORIYAMA, Noritaka → Profile
Author of the text KEROUAC, Jack
Text arranger
Type of ChoirMixed Chorus Tonality
Number of Voice Parts4 VoicingSATB
Language 1Japanese Language 2
Accompaniment Piano Duration15'10"
Song details