This is a first male chorus suite composed by a unit of Fumi OTO, singer and song-writer, and Hiroshi KURIHARA, tanka poet. They are known as “Fumi-Kuri” unit. This suite is composed with a theme of “Love” and it is friendly and easy to be introduced. Kaori MORITA who is an expert on jazz and popular music was responsible for the arrangements for the suite and her bold and gorgeous piano arrangement leads the swe

et and gentle but strong male chorus. These songs are great way to tell someone about “Love” which we are not use to talk about in daily life.

ISBN 9784866041193
Format A4 64page
Price 2,090 JPY
Composer OTO, Fumi
Arranger MORITA, Kaori
Author of the text KURIHARA, Hiroshi
Text arranger
Type of ChoirMale Chorus Tonality
Number of Voice Parts4 VoicingTTBB, Bass solo + TTBB
Language 1Japanese Language 2
Accompaniment Piano Duration17'45"
Song details