To subvert the image of "You have to straight up when singing," this religious song is composed for the young generations to feel closer to the Mother Mary. In the beginning of the song, big change from the famous melody of Arcadelto, it can't help singers and listeners from resisting to move their bodies. Not only suitable for young choirs trying the religious song as a beginner, but also suitable for experienced choirs. This is a work wishing to enjoy in various generations. In addition to the previously published mixed voice version and male voice version, long-waited female voice version is finally published!

ISBN 9784866041278
Format A4 12page
Price 660 JPY
Composer MATSUSHITA, Ko → Profile
Author of the text Text arranger
Type of ChoirFemale Chorus Tonality
Number of Voice Parts3 VoicingSSA + Solo
Language 1Latin Language 2
Accompaniment Piano Duration3'40"
Song details