This is a mixed chorus suite that collected popular songs from around the world, mainly in Asia. Cello parts are added as an option, and when it combined with the piano, depth and melancholy sound has been added to the music so that this work is very much worth listening. The suite is divided by 2 parts, (1) and (2) and possible to perform them as a single song. In (2), it includes, Japanese famous song, "Furusato," which is a well-arranged song that touches your heart, and "Rasa Sayang," which has been familiar in Malaysia and Indonesia from their childhood.

ISBN 9784866041339
Format A4 36page
Price 1,540 JPY
Composer Arranger 森田 花央里
Author of the text Text arranger
Type of ChoirMixed Chorus Tonality
Number of Voice Parts4 VoicingSATB div.
Language 1 Language 2
Accompaniment Piano Duration7'50"
Song details